Pet Boarding in Watertown, MA - The Pooch Place


As we have an open boarding and day care setting for pet boarding in Watertown, MA, we require an interview and daytrip trial and/or overnight trial before a pooch is accepted for either boarding or daytripping at Pooch Palace.  Our “guys” must be well socialized, agreeable and non-aggressive.  Clients provide their own food, immediately edible cookies, non breakable food bowls, mix-ins, vitamins, supplements and medication that is current or has been used in the past.  That way we can address any medical or physical issues that may arise before the parents return home!

We have a close working relationship with a traveling Vet, Dr. Jake Tedaldi of Vet Call. Along with Doctors Susan Rosenblatt, Patrick Hilliest, & Geoff Jarbou at Kindness Animal Hospital in Waltham for last minute vaccination needs and any medical concerns that arise.

Our Specification and Custody Care Release forms are completed by parents with details and instructions for us to provide the best possible care for your “guy.” We require current copies of Rabies, Distemper/parvo and Bordetella vaccines for our records.  Puppies under the age of 1 years are required to have Parvo every six months and have Bordetella every six months until their second birthday.   After 2 years of age, we will accept your vets schedule of vaccinations.  Vaccination should be faxed (617-924-5566) to us in advance to assure compliance and protection of those already visiting.

Check out our rates page for more information!