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Dog Grooming & Bathing

The Pooch Coiffure offers top quality breed-standard grooming along with a cleansing double bubble bath providing only salon quality shampoos. Every bathing and grooming appointment includes a nail trimming & filing, a gentle ear cleaning/plucking, and a minimum of 30 minutes brushing to remove loose hair or dematting.  Additional pet groomer in Watertown, MA services such as teeth brushing, extra brushing, and anal gland expression can be provided upon request or if needed. 

For most pooches we recommend regular grooming visits as often as every 4 to 6 weeks.  Depending on your breed, and individual needs, it is best to consult with our groomer before your appointment.  Especially if you have specific desires on lengths and style.  Let us know if your pooch, you or anyone in the family has allergies for us to adjust our normal shampoos, conditioner and leave in Liquid Silk.  Check out our rates below and Facebook for recent photos!

Your pooch will appreciate a few hours freshening up in our grooming salon after letting loose in the yard. We make sure every pooch goes home smelling clean and groomed to perfection. With an extra spritz of Liquid Silk and a fashionable bandanna to show off, they will be wagging their tail all the way home!

Before & After

Grooming Rates

Bathing Short Hair Long Hair Groom (Haircut & Bath)
X-Small Guys $40 $45 $60
Small Guys $45 $55 $65
Medium Guys $50 $60 $75
Large Guys $60 $70 $85
X-Large Guys $80 $90 $110+