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About Us

Pooch Palace was one of the first places in the greater Boston area to offer cage-less boarding and doggy day care. I started taking care of other people’s pooches as the “Canine Connection” in 1984, inside my English Tudor home in Newton.  By the early 1990’s the pooches were running everywhere throughout my home.  I loved them all and wanted to continue caring for them, but needed to provide a separate space for them.  Thus was my dream for a Pooch Palace, a home set up just for them.  A friendly, caring, free roaming and pooch safe setting for well socialized pooches.

The Pooch Palace opened in February 1994. Recently celebrating 23 years, each birthday we make a party to celebrate our clients and their devotion. We provide group boarding in a converted 2-family, air-conditioned home that has been extensively renovated with care, cleanliness and versatility in mind. The Pooch Palace has residential living quarters for two live-in caretakers, and has additional staff of 2 live-out caretakers plus a groomer and bather, myself and husband Kim who performs maintenance and repairs to keep us all safe and having fun.  Over the years, Pooch Palace has changed, remodeled, adjusted our offerings to meet the current needs, and we still love them just the same.

We have been published by CBS News; Boston Globe, Living Section; Boston Business Journal; Animals Magazine from MSPCA; and NPR News. Watch a video about us here featured in the Watertown Tab.

Here at Pooch Palace we are a fun, yet professional, caring group of caretakers. We hope to bring a smile to your face and a wag to their tail, as soon as you pull up in front of our palatial pink house!  Our motto is to arrive for boarding, daytripping, bath or groom,  enjoy a great time and go home happy, healthy, tired and clean if you asked for a bath or groom.  It is a win-win situation, you go away and not worry about your pooch, we care for and watch them play and have fun.  When you return, they are happy to go home, while we are happy to have helped!


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SchustermanFamFdnWe support the Schusterman Family & Children Center in Jerusalem, Israel.  Since 2009 by matching proceeds from Rosh Hashana & Yom Kippur pet care. This year (2016) we raised $9,855.00 in matched revenues for Israel which brings us over $55,000.00  Join our efforts!  As a note, client payment for Rosh Hashana & Yom Kippur are submitted after the holiday concludes.

Pfriends We also support Phinney’s Friends, who believe that the human-animal bond is a source of love, joy, comfort and fulfillment for both people and their pets.  To this end, Phinney’s Friends volunteers are dedicated to helping low-income individuals with disabling illnesses or other hardships maintain this bond with their pets by providing assistance with everyday pet care.  In our matching funds so far we have donated $534,000 and looking forward to adding to this amount with this years Raffle.

Check out our 2017 Phinneys Friends Pooch Palace Calendar,  2016 Pooch Palace News Letter and raffle options supporting Phinney’s Friends matching dollar for dollar!